Our dream of creating a tattoo shop where everybody and every body feels welcome and comfortable – has been a long time coming.

It’s been a slow process to navigate the patriarchy in this business and it hasn’t always been easy. 

In fact, the shop has had some stumbles and missteps along the way – but isn’t that the joy of evolving? Transition doesn’t come overnight… it’s a journey. 🤩

As we close out the second year of this unsettling and stressful pandemic era we are honestly in shock that we are still in business. 

In the early days when Covid first hit we thought we would never work again. It seemed unfathomable that we could be in the same room with a client ever again. The new adjustments to the business have been stressful. We’ve followed health mandates and adapted the way the shop runs multiple times and despite all the obstacles – we are happy to say that you were there with us every step of the way. 😷

You may not realize – but the most important thing that keeps our shop vibrant and humming along is you! Yes, YOU… we are talking about you. 🥰

To the clients that believe in our vibe, who come to the shop multiple times, who tell their friends and families about us – we can’t thank you enough. You choose to invest your hard-earned money here. When we reach out for input – you fill our DM’s with fabulous ideas which help us mould the shop into what it is today and we thank you for your support. 🥲

So let’s raise a glass of something delicious to toast that we are in this life together and that we are just doing our best. We might not be perfect but perfect is impossible. Instead, let’s all strive for EXCELLENCE! And if we are lucky – we get another chance tomorrow to be the most excellent version of ourselves. Cheers to you. 🥂