Tattoo by Geri

• @gerikramertattoos When we starting creating this ‘creatures and florals’ leg piece, I had no idea just how weird it was going to get!Meet frog, he’s just chilling - enjoying his time amongst some asters, overall just being the goodest boy he can be.And yes, this does encapsulate their knee, it was such a perfect fit we couldn’t resist! (Plus I REALLY love tattooing kneecaps).This is also a fantastic example of taking a more sensitive location and breaking it into two smaller sessions so as not to overwhelm the client. Just because we *can* finish it in one go doesn’t always mean it’s the only solution.I’m always happy to break up sessions for folks, cause that’s exactly how I prefer to be tattooed (2 hours at a time for me - after that it just gets to be too much). I never expect anyone to sit longer than I would, but I’m happy to work longer on a piece if that’s what you’re feeling like doing!+++++++++++++++++++My books are closed to new submissions, because you have all completely overwhelmed me with really great projects!! They will not be reopening until February 2022. Thank you for your continued trust. 🤩........#TransTattooer #TransTattooArtist#TransTattooArtists #Transgender #Trans #Transtttism #yQueerTattooer #TransWoman #QueerTattooArtist #QueerArtist #qttr #VictoriaTattooer #VictoriaTattooArtist#VictoriaBC #WeLoveTattooingYou #TattooZoo