Tattoo by Geri

Swipe to see the before!! ️ @gerikramertattoos I’ve been having a couple folks a week come through the shop, and during their appointments will ask me if there’s anybody at the shop that is good at coverups.IT’S ME!! Tell you’re friends!! ️ I love everything about the process of creating an effective coverup - from pulling your ideas and expectations out of your brain, to the challenge of eradicating something on your body that makes you sad.I very rarely say no to a coverup request, as long as we can come to an agreement about what will work for you that is within my capabilities.I've got a couple of real doozies coming up in the next little while, but in the meantime - here’s a little one I did recently that was actually a bit of a challenge - because they didn’t have a lot of space for me to work within. But we still made it happen!!Why? Because I love making old tattoos disappear!! Swipe to see where we started+++++++++++++++++++My books are closed to new submissions, because you have all completely overwhelmed me with really great projects!! They will not be reopening until February 2022. Thank you for your continued trust. 🤩........#TransTattooer #TransTattooArtist#TransTattooArtists #Transgender #Trans #Transtttism #yQueerTattooer #TransWoman #QueerTattooArtist #QueerArtist #qttr #VictoriaTattooer #VictoriaTattooArtist#VictoriaBC #WeLoveTattooingYou #TattooZoo