Our fabulous crew. Check out our artists work at the links below.

screen-capture-2GERRY KRAMER – Gerry is the most handsome owner of Tattoo Zoo. Don’t talk to him until he’s had his morning coffee or he’ll eat you for breakfast.

CAROLINE PAQUETUne belle et extrêmement excellente tattooer! (she’s from Montreal!)

MASON LAROSE – To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee. One clover, and a bee, and revery. The revery alone will do if bees are few…

TAMI TATTOOS - Tami is beautiful, talented and ready to prick you full of holes and force ink under your skin. Sounds like fun, yes?


The artists get all the rock-star status at a tattoo shop but it’s the staff that keeps the shop running like a well oiled machine.

NOVA – is our shop manager and is the first person you see when you walk into Tattoo Zoo. Smart as a whip and pretty as a picture – Nova takes care of everything at the shop; from booking appointments to sterilizing equipment. We don’t know what we’d do without her.

SARAH KRAMER – When Sarah isn’t writing her fabulous cookbooks she is behind the scenes running Tattoo Zoo with her husband Gerry.