Our fabulous crew. Check out our artists work at the links below.


GERRY KRAMER – Gerry is the most handsome owner of Tattoo Zoo. Follow him on Instagram.

TAMI TATTOOS – Tami is beautiful, talented and ready to prick you full of holes and force ink under your skin. Sounds like fun, yes? Follow her on Instagram.

NICOLE – The sweetest little tattooer this side of the perogie belt! Follow her on Instagram.

SHELLY – Pink hair. Don’t care. Follow her on Instagram

ANGIE – Miss Angie. Miss Angie. Miss Angie …

These fantastic artists visit the island a  few times a year to sling ink at TZ. Please contact guest artists directly to book time.

ECKELAlles ist seinen Preis wert!! translates from German to “Everything is worth it’s price” and Eckels undeniable talent is worth his weight in gold! Email grifzzfizz@gmail.com to book time.

DAVID MAIER – Fun, creative and handsome … what else do you want from your tattoo artist? Email davidmaiertattoos@gmail.com to book time.

CHRIS HOLD – We like to call Chris “Crisp Hold” because his line work is so impeccable. E-mail chris@chrishold.com to book time.

MARY – Mary likes all the dogs and wants to pet them all. Thank you. Email mary.mtattoos@gmail.com to book time.